🌏About Memoworld

The white paper is an evolving document that will be updated as the project progresses.

Next-Generation Creator Ecology

Dedicated to connecting travelers, photographers, artists and life documenters around the world.

At Memoworld, everyone is a creator.

With one click, people can upload paintings, photos, music and videos...as NFTs and have their own home page where a decentralized community is integrated and creators can update their dynamics and interact with followers at any time.

All NFTs contain coordinate information, support rich media content and can be extended to a meta-universe in the future.

Memoworld is a Web3 application built on Polygon. We are ready to build the application on Conflux and other public chains.

Web3 Creator Tools

NFT one-click upload + creator homepage

+ decentralized community +more

  • Creators profit directly from their content

  • Deep and long term private domain operation

  • All data belongs to the users

Creator Incubator

Help creators grow through DAO

  • Memoworld DAO: discover and incubate more excellent creators

  • Creators can launch DAO: Creators and their followers work together and share rights and wealth

Product Highlights & Features

Product Design: Make web3 known outside of fixed circle

  • A silky smooth experience that allows Web2 users to effortlessly enter Web3 and lowers the threshold for users to go gas-free.

  • Geolocated NFT for a more interesting experience, discover and mint anywhere, anytime

  • Creator homepage, creators can get decentralized followers. Followers pay directly for content, creators can earn passive income

Two DNA genetic chains, colliding, intertwining and sharing with each other, spiraling upward. It means that each person, as a creator, is also a sharer and collector, and the roles and characters complete each other. The natural enthusiasm of human beings and the spirit of sharing will also be passed on as the gene of creators. At the same time, the two chains are a combination of the letters M and W, which is the graphic representation of Memoworld's name.

Memoworld, the creator economy and web3 content ecology builder, welcomes you to join. Here, everyone is a creator.

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