What can be solved?

What are the problems with the current Creator Economy?

1、Creators cannot focus on creating quality content.

In the flow economy, creators mainly focus on advertising and eyeball economy.

2、It is difficult to make money from content.

Only the top 1% get most of the revenue, the rest of the creators have difficulty surviving, especially in the early stage of their creation.

3、Data centricity.

Content creation and follower data are platform dependent, easily kidnapped by platform rules or algorithms.
Creative content is easily stolen, and creators are usually in a weak position during the negotiation process.

Memoworld offers a solution

A Web3 application that integrates NFT creation tools and a decentralized community.

Record and create with NFT

  • Memoworld supports geolocation, rich media content and allows users to mint NFTs anywhere, anytime.
  • Creators can profit directly from NFTs.

Decentralized community

Based on decentralized storage, creators can get followers, interact with them and motivate each other.

Every purchaser is also a participant and an investor

  • Creators create high quality NFT works
  • Users can collect the works they like at any time
  • As the creator's fame grows, the NFTs will increase in value and the user can benefit from them.
  • At the same time, creators can build their own DAO community, and users can participate in the governance and enjoy the rights.
  • Creators can launch profitable projects, and all backers can benefit by holding tokens.