🖼️Memoworld NFT

Web3 Creator Economy and Content Ecology Composition

Memoworld NFT is an NFT created by the creator (Creator Key holder) that retains the features of the native NFT, but also adds more information.

  • Coordinate information has been added so that the NFTs can be displayed on a map, making the user's footprint more visible. People can also view collectable NFTs around them anytime and anywhere to enrich the offline experience.

  • Rich media content has been added to include more information such as videos, 3D models, panoramic photos, etc. that people can view in their mobile browsers now and experience in VR and AR devices in the future.

Creators can benefit directly from NFTs.

Users only need to pay Gas Fee to create Memoworld NFT.

If the selling price is 0, Memoworld does not charge a transaction fee for the first sale;

If the sale price is not 0, Memoworld charges a 10% transaction fee for the first sale.

(Each NFT can be Minted up to one per person, and creators can collect their own NFTs for free.)

If the Memoworld NFT is traded on the secondary market (support ERC2981), the creator himself(Not Memoworld) will receive a 5% royalty.

We are dedicated to connecting travelers, photographers, artists and life documenters around the world.

At Memoworld, everyone is a creator.

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